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Jeannine Rivers
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 Welcome, I am Jeannine Rivers and the Founder of Illuminate Your Dreams.


Life can appear to be complicated and a waste of time. I think you will agree with me- Life is filled with a wave of highs and lows. Sometimes, the hardness of life can knock us down to the point where we may not be able to get up or see the light of hope. This is when we can begin to feel helpless and thrown away.

I can relate!

In my twenties, it appeared as if I had it all: a successful career, a great apartment, and an impeccable, great smile that I always carried with me. Behind each smile, there was an incredibly painful loss. I no longer felt like I mattered, so in March of 1985, I tried to take my own life. I was in a coma for two weeks before I would open my eyes to a new life. It was the moment that changed everything for me, I remembered what it felt like to have faith the size of a mustard seed. HOPE precedes and is connected with faith. You can't have one without the other.

Life for a suicide attempt survivor can be a complex journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Yet, each day presents an opportunity for healing, growth, and rediscovering the value of life despite the lingering scars, many survivors emerge with a newfound appreciation for life. 


So, if you are hurting today, doubting that your life will ever get better remember HOPE has a way of beautifully transforming the lives of all who embrace it. 

                                         Hope to go Higher,


No matter what accomplishments
you make, somebody helped you. 
                                   -Althea Gibson


Milwaukee County Chairwoman Maricela Nicholson

Milwaukee County Chairwoman
Marcelia Nicholson

Jeannine Rivers Award Ceremony

Congress Woman Gwen Moore and her staff; along with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors presented

Jeannine Rivers Colburn with a Proclamation recognizing her dedication  to partnering with organizations like: Prevent Suicide Wisconsin, Mental Health Wisconsin, and the American Foundation for Suicide. 

Jeannine was given accolades for her tireless efforts to raise awareness, provide support, and promote mental well-being within our community.


Congress Woman Gwen Moore stated the following:


"I thank you for all you have done to benefit our community. You have touched the lives of many over the years; may you continue to be a blessing to those who know and love you."


Congratulations Jeannine, job well done.

Man gives you the award but
God gives you the reward.
                   -Denzel Washington



of Achievement

How Can I Serve You?


We are experts by experience—people who have lived with mental health conditions, people who've been suicidal, people who are trauma survivors. That is just as valuable as the kind of academic credentials that people earn. And it’s incredibly important that we work together as partners.” 


  • Licensed Mental Health Coach

  • Emotional CPR Practitioner

  • QPR Gatekeeper 

  • Alternatives to Suicide Facilitator

  • Suicide Prevention Group Facilitator

  • Espeakers Virtual Presenter

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Together we

Hearing a Close Call
by Jeannine Rivers

A Story of Resilience!

Hearing a close call

What  People  are  Saying


“Keeping a journal is not something I looked at seriously. I thought it was silly. This workshop was a reminder that emptying your mind allows your creativity to flow."



“The energy and positive ideas pushed me to the next level of confidence and success! I am  looking forward to working more with Jeannine in the future to learn more tips for success!”



Fists in Solidarity

"Jeannine’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book...There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence..."


-Jodie L

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