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Certified Mentor  +  Creative Changemaker  

I am an Illuminated Changemaker. It is important to me to provide a safe place for women to create an illuminated change in their personal lives. A change that will  promote healthy communities, connection, compassion, and a healthy mental wellbeing.

As a certified mentor everyday I am given the opportunity to guide women through the process of rebuilding their life toolbox. I assist women in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and also remind women the blueprint, guidance, and mastery they already have to inspire their growth and healing.


From my own experience I learned that creating an illuminated change began with me finding my own personal internal power. I am shaking up the world by using  my voice to speak about my beliefs, my passion and mostly my life experiences.  

I am also a professional vocalist, author, speaker, emotional CPR practitioner and mental wellbeing advocate. My voice and lived experience help fight in the war on suicide and the stigma associated with mental health challenges. My music heals the wounded soul!

Together we can climb the mountain and see the light on the other side. There is an illuminated light waiting!







I am a suicide attempt survivor and suicide prevention is my greatest passion!

I am here because I am determined to help you to see value in your life.

I want your perception of life to be filled with hope, love, joy, and to be filled with light.

In every moment of time, I want the perception that you have of your life to be bold, big, and filled with love.

I am ready to run the course with you, help you climb the mountains in your life, and help you rebuild your mindset toolbox.  You may run low on courage, confidence, determination, and faith. I will help you regain it by teaching you how to build a more comprehensive strategy for your future that will ignite your vision and give you a voice to share with the world.

Suicide Is An Individuals Perception of  Their Life in the Moment

We are experts by experience—people who have lived with mental health conditions, people who've been suicidal, people who are trauma survivors. That is just as valuable as the kind of academic credentials that people earn. And it’s incredibly important that we work together as partners.” -Leah Harris, MA


Lived Experience ExpertSuicide Attempt Survivor | Emotional CPR PractitionerQPR Gatekeeper

Suicide Prevention Group Facilitator Espeakers Virtual Presenter | BS in Music Vocal Performance

If you are feeling suicidal and need help

please dial 988-

 Licensed counselors are waiting for your call. 


When I’m not facilitating a suicide prevention group, creating a space for change, mentoring a client, or hosting an event, you will find me living life to the fullest. You will find me with my amazing husband Bruce at a community rally, local movie theater, or our favorite restaurant hanging out with friends.  I love spending personal time on my porch or at my local coffee house enjoying a hot cup. I get super excited and look forward to spending time with my amazing daughter Keosha.   Spending time with my lifelong best friends is another of my greatest pleasures.

If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me

  • I love to paint on canvas.

  • I have found happiness in gardening- my favorite- pulling weeds.

  • I run from centipedes- and scream when I see them

  • I am an introvert

  • I don’t have any skeletons in my closet.


My stories transform the discouraged and fearful.  I set in motion the tenacity to push past fear and doubt to achieve the vision and create change for a healthy career and relationships. 
Through engaging keynotes and workshops, I explore these core themes:


Overcoming, doubt, fear and guilt
Journey to Self-Love
Setting Boundaries
Changemaker Process


What  People  are  Saying


“Keeping a journal is not something I looked at seriously. I thought it was silly. This workshop was a reminder that emptying your mind allows your creativity to flow."



“The energy and positive ideas pushed me to the next level of confidence and success! I am  looking forward to working more with Jeannine in the future to learn more tips for success!”



Fists in Solidarity

"Jeannine’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book...There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence..."


-Jodie L

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