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Welcome, I am Jeannine Rivers!


I am known as a Creative Changemaker. I provide a safe place for women to create change in their personal lives by showing them how to creatively engage in their dreams while walking through parts of their lives that appear to be hopeless.


How do I do this?  


I guide and empower women by the light of my own experiences. I am a survivor; I know the significance of being an overcomer, and I continue to prove that conquering a lifetime of emotional trauma is possible. I will guide you through how to rebuild your life toolbox. We will work together to reignite your strengths and identify your weaknesses. The healing process begins when you feel the inspiration born from the empowerment of your blueprint and mastery. I am a champion of women because when women are supported, their families and communities grow strong.


My mission is to continuously put a spark of importance on the value of change. When women are allowed to be strong, they become stronger as individuals. I cherish, encourage, and promote women’s unique and important gifts so the entire population thrives. Creative change happens in the lives of women when women are educated and empowered.


I will provide an environment of kindness, a community of compassion, and an atmosphere of everlasting hope that will encourage women to do more than shine- because for one to shine is automatic! Illuminating your brilliance means you are above and beyond your wildest imagination! 


We are here to illuminate your way forward?


I'm glad your hear

How Can I Serve You?


We are experts by experience—people who have lived with mental health conditions, people who've been suicidal, people who are trauma survivors. That is just as valuable as the kind of academic credentials that people earn. And it’s incredibly important that we work together as partners.” -Leah Harris, MA


  • Emotional CPR Practitioner

  • QPR Gatekeeper 

  • Suicide Prevention Group Facilitator

  •  Espeakers Virtual Presenter

In addition,-Jeannine is the CEO and Founder of Illuminate Your Dreams, a TV Show Host on WinWinWomen.TV, Mental Health Advocate, 5 time International Best Selling Author, Professional Vocalist,

and Suicide Attempt Survivor.

Together we

Hearing a Close Call
by Jeannine Rivers

A Story of Resilience!


What  People  are  Saying


“Keeping a journal is not something I looked at seriously. I thought it was silly. This workshop was a reminder that emptying your mind allows your creativity to flow."



“The energy and positive ideas pushed me to the next level of confidence and success! I am  looking forward to working more with Jeannine in the future to learn more tips for success!”



Fists in Solidarity

"Jeannine’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book...There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence..."


-Jodie L

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