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" We can not allow doubt and fear to drown out the voice that empowers us to live life fearlessly with confidence and courage."
- jeannine rivers

What does it take to
lluminate Your Dreams?


  • Self-Love

  • Confidence

  • Defined Vision of Success

  • Fierce Voice of Change

  • Healthy Mental Wellbeing

  • Physical Stamina

The Birth of Illuminate Your Dreams came as a spark of light in the middle of the night. During my midnight reflection, I found myself filled with gratitude. Tears of joy filled my face and my heart. I thought to myself; I am a successful mountaineer who climbs and hikes mountains.


In 2003 my in-depth training would begin. I would be faced with challenges that I thought I would be unable to defeat. But every mountain I climbed would be a victory that I would live to tell.


My heart was burning with a desire to help women see the light during their darkness. I wanted them to know that you can climb mountains in the dark with the proper equipment. I did not know how I could or would make this dream happen.  My daughter was a Junior in high school, and my 20-year career in banking management was flourishing. In my heart, I always knew it was not meant for me to sit behind a desk and work a regular 9-5 job. As a small child, I knew my life's purpose.  I am an instrument of many beats, harmonies, from various genres, creating change in the world with music that heals the soul and a great storyteller that inspires change through dynamic words of encouragement. 


The spark of light that hit me in the night revealed an Aha moment- I was not the only woman with a purpose, a dream, or a mission. I am not the only mountaineer! My next thought came in the form of a question: What could I personally do to help women see the beauty they have inside?  What will I do to help women create an illuminated change in their lives?  How will I train future women on how to become mountaineers?


Through my emotional, spiritual, and physical struggles, Illuminate Your Dreams was formally birthed in 2008. Our goal is to help women heal and attain the tools and knowledge to create an Illuminated change in their lives and the world. We guide women through difficult, challenging circumstances by showing them the steps to maintain strong mental well-being.


As the CEO and founder of Illuminate Your Dreams I know it's important for women to do more than just shine- for one to shine is automatic but illuminating your brilliance means you are above and beyond your wildest imagination! I have learned that each life story is unique and requires special attention according to its needs and circumstances.


With genuine love, Illuminate Your Dreams will walk the path of darkness with you, and celebrate your life light with an energy that will empower you to live the life of your dreams.


Illuminate Your Power
in Fifteen!

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