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  "A Dream Deferred is Still a Dream Alive "

                                                -jeannine rivers colburn





Jeannine brings a new meaning to the term Global Business Connector. She is a dedicated Global Mental Wellness advocate who is building a foundation of excellence for Women of the world.


Jeannine makes the mental wellbeing of Women Globally her Business (people over profit).  What does this mean? Before women can be productive in their business's they must have a healthy mental wellbeing that allows them to thrive and be an empowering community leader.

As the Founder of Illuminate Your Dreams, LLC Jeannine is making a mindful impact by educating women about Suicide Prevention.  A Suicide Attempt Survivor, she shares her Lived Experience Wisdom as a tool to unite the global effort to promote mental health wellness, suicidal ideation awareness, and Jeannine is fierce in the fight against the Stigma surrounding Mental Health and Suicide.

Jeannine is passionate about conveying the urgency for action and driven by a vision of an emotionally healthier, and kinder world. Jeannine is a partner with Prevent Suicide - Greater Milwaukee, Mental Health America - Wisconsin, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, American Association of Suicidology and political constituents in an effort to change policies affecting mental health.  She is also a certified Alternatives to Suicide group facilitator, a certified Emotional CPR Expert, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop presenter.



Jeannine is proud to announce her role as  Premier Thought Leader and Suicide Prevention Circle Director with The Women's Information Network (WIN).





Jeannine's mission is simple-


Work to change the mental wellbeing of Woman on a Global level by making their lives a Business that reaps the rewards of a profitable renewed mind. Globally connect and collaberate with individuals and agencies- working to change the laws and lives of those suffering from suicidal ideation and living with mental health challenges.  Provide Women with life skill tools that will stimulate a positive change within their life helping them to see the inner-beauty God created within them- adding a wealth of emotional excellence that will allow them to survive any emotional crisis brought their way. 





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