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The Art of Connection book has become a global movement that empowers Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers to state their most cherished personal quotes to the world. They then elaborate on their quote through their thought. I am proud to be a part of this collaboration. 

I hope you enjoy my November 9th thought....
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I was truly moved by the stories I read in Voices of The 21st Century. I feel inspired and enlightened by the hope that I can overcome anything. Each woman has gone through their own journey that has led to their own self-empowerment. All of the stories really hit home especially the chapter written by Jeannine Rivers, her story shined a bright light in my life and I’m sure in the lives of other women. We each have struggles each day to simply just live life to the fullest each day. , she encourages and gives the inspiration to be better aware of our own inner power and to keep going and trusting. I am destined to make a difference and contribute my voice for positive change too. What a gift this book is to my soul. I will definitely buy some for my girlfriends and family too.


I loved the diversity of the personal stories that the women shared in this volume of 21st Century Voices. As a Motivator I particularly thought the contribution by Jeannine Rivers Colburn, “My Black is Beautiful,” insightful and apropos in recognition of Black History. Ms. Rivers shares a memory from her beloved father and his embracing of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and her realization that Blackness matters. The awareness that she has been living in an illusion of equality awakens her Black identity, which is not always an easy thing to admit. Jeannine is “woke,” Black identity matters, Jeannine’s Black is Beautiful, Black Lives Matter.

-Dr. AnnetteMG-

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Since I'm almost halfway through my ninth decade, I'm not looking for stories to inspire me to form my own business or find a new career. So what I find most interesting in these many stories published by the Women Speakers Association are those from women who learned how to attend to their own inner voices to find the strength to transform their lives and the lives of others. One remarkable example is that of Jeannine Rivers' story, "Hearing a Close Call." I wish I had heard and attended to my own inner voice as early in life as she was called to do...and did! I also appreciate that each story contains a contact address to reach the author or find out more about their work.

— KAY A.

The stories in the book are amazing and inspiring- stories of hope, courage, and survival. I especially loved the chapter by Jeannine Rivers- Hearing a Close Call. Wow! A true story of survival! She is a true mental health advocate

— Sue P