Nice to Meet You, I'm Jeannine!

It is my Mission to be Radically Inclusive

I am a Creative Thought Leader, Speaker, Author, Global Change Maker,

and an expert on Suicide Prevention

As Founder and CEO of Illuminate Your Dreams and Illuminated Women Rising, I welcome you with Love and I will always value our differences. We all come from different walks of life, with different mindsets, and our own unique way of looking at the world and the issues at hand.  My own unique experiences will allow me to meet you wherever you are in your life, with no judgment,  but only unconditional love. 

I strongly believe that our past can shape our future. I will teach you how I accomplished what many believed could not be done. I will inspire you to  move your life to the next level of your greatness. I am ready to run the course with you, help you climb the mountains in your life, and to also help you rebuild your mindset toolbox.  You may be running low on courage, confidence, determination, and faith. I will help you regain it all by teaching you  how to build a more comprehensive strategy for your future that will ignite your vision and give you a voice to share with the world.

I live a fulfilled life as an author, coach, speaker, professional vocalist, and emotional CPR practitioner. I am committed to motivating and empowering women to live with more self-love, confidence, faith, and determination.



  •  Prevent Suicide - Greater Milwaukee,

  • Mental Health America - Wisconsin,

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,

  • American Association of Suicidology

  • Political constituents  policy changes affecting mental health.




  • Emotional CPR Practitioner

  • QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper

  •  Suicide Prevention Group Facilitation

  • Espeakers Virtual Presenter

I am a Seasoned Survivor!

We are Born with an Innate ability to be Fierce and to lead a Fearless Life.

It is my mission to stimulate a positive change in the lives of women everywhere  by reminding them how they can make a difference in the world. As a suicide attempt survivor I know that a healthy mind will change your life. This is why I am an advocate and mentor for mental health and suicide prevention. I am proud to be a partner with the following mental health associations and hold the following certifications:



I am a VOICE of love, hope, and courage to women all around the world

I consider myself just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story of survival. I lift my voice for the abused woman with a dream, those suffering from depression, and those ready to give up!  My story is the voice of love, hope and courage- a gift to women all around the world, a voice of power to those not able to yet speak. Together we will unleash your unique "WOW" factor to a better life! 


3 Components to my Mentoring

Journey to Self-Love

Mental Well Being

Changemaker Process



What  People  are  Saying


“Keeping a journal is not something I looked at seriously. I thought it was silly. This workshop was a reminder that emptying your mind allows your creativity to flow."



“The energy and positive ideas pushed me to the next level of confidence and success! I am  looking forward to working more with Jeannine in the future to learn more tips for success!”



Fists in Solidarity

"Jeannine’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book...There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence..."


-Jodie L